Sundarban 1 Night 2Days Tour

₹2999 / Per person

Sundarbans 1-Night 2-Days Tour Package Overview

Escape into the enchanting world of the Sundarbans with our immersive 1-night 2-days tour package. Designed to provide you with a comprehensive experience of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, this tour allows you to delve deeper into the mesmerizing beauty, rich biodiversity, and cultural heritage of the Sundarbans. Join us at Sundarban Bina Travels for an unforgettable journey that will leave you with cherished memories.

Tour Highlights

Mangrove Cruises: Embark on leisurely cruises through the winding waterways of the Sundarbans, surrounded by lush mangrove forests. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you soak in the breathtaking scenery and witness the interplay between land and water.

Tiger and Wildlife Safaris: Set out on thrilling safaris in search of the elusive Royal Bengal Tigers, the pride of the Sundarbans. Our expert guides will accompany you deep into the mangroves, providing insights into the unique ecosystem and helping you spot other wildlife species such as crocodiles, deer, and a variety of birdlife.

Birdwatching Excursions: Discover the vibrant avian diversity of the Sundarbans as you embark on birdwatching expeditions. Spot rare and exotic bird species, including kingfishers, sea eagles, herons, and many more. Our guides will assist you in identifying these magnificent creatures and share interesting facts about their behavior and habitats.

Village Visits: Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting nearby villages. Interact with the warm and welcoming villagers, witness their traditional lifestyle, and learn about their customs, handicrafts, and daily activities. It's an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the human connection to the Sundarbans.

Sundarbans Interpretation Center: Explore the Sundarbans Interpretation Center, a treasure trove of information about the region's ecology, history, and conservation efforts. Engage with interactive exhibits and displays that showcase the intricate web of life that thrives in the Sundarbans.

Delicious Local Cuisine: Indulge in authentic Bengali cuisine and savory seafood dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. Delight your taste buds with the flavors of the region, complemented by the warm hospitality of the Sundarbans.

  • Included:
    • Pickup Drop Kolkata to Kolkata
    • All Food Menu
    • Jungle Permission
    • Tour Guide
    • Hotel Accommodation
    • Evening Entertainment Program
  • Excluded:
    • Any Hard or Aerated Drinks.
    • Coolie Charge.
    • Air fares


Sundarban 1 Night 2 Days Tour Plan

Day 1:
8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M: We pick up our guests from the Indian Museum Main Gate close to Park Street Metro Station. The pick-up time is 08:00 A.M., and the departure is at 08:30 A.M. We have a 2nd pick-up point too from Kolkata. The reporting time is 08:30 A.M., and we offer pick-up services from P.C. Chandra Garden Gate No. 01, Science City. We depart at 09:00 P.M. sharp. You can choose any two pick-up points if you are traveling from Kolkata. We offer AC cars. After a 3 and half hours’ drive, reach Godhkhali with breakfast and tea breaks on the way.

Note: The pickup and drop from Kolkata to Kolkata is available when the group size is larger than 15, otherwise, the pickup point is Canning To Canning. and if you need a pickup drop from Kolkata we will arrange a private car for you (Extra charge applicable as per car booking).

02:30 P.M.: Your will reach your hotel, located right opposite the Sundarban Tiger Reserve (Bali island). Enjoy a peaceful stay while being surrounded by forests, rivers, and nearby villages.

04:00 P.M.: A short excursion to the Sundarban Bird Jungle and enjoy a picturesque sunset. Then we make our journey back to the hotel by 06:00 PM.

07:00 P.M.: Get a taste of the local culture by witnessing the local folk dance followed by complimentary tea and snacks.

08:00 P.M.: Enjoy a cozy time by the bonfire (During the winters only) 10:00 P.M.: Have dinner and end the day at the hotel.

Day 2:
08:00 A.M.: Start the day with the Sundarban Delta Safari by riding a boat.

08:30 A.M.: Enjoy the jungles of Sundarbans with a guided Jungle Safari at Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve. We provide our guests with a government-registered guide for the safari.

09:30 A.M.: You start your adventurous boat safari ride through rivers, small creeks, and islands covering places like Pirkhali, Sundarkhali, Choragaji, Banbibi Varani, Khonakhali, Deualvarani, etc. Enjoy thrilling views from the watchtower of this tiger reserve to spot animals like crocodiles, snakes, wild boars, spotted deer, hundreds of birds, water monitor lizard, and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

12:30 P.M.: A visit to Do-Banki Tiger Reserve and its watchtower. Enjoy an unadulterated view of wildlife from a guarded enclosure on the 896 meter long canopy at Do-Banki Tiger Reserve.

01:30 P.M.: See five rivers meet at the Panchamukhni River Junction.

4 To 05:00 PM: Reach your drop point at Kolkata.

Food Menu

Note: This Food Menu For Sampler Purpose, However you can customize to your needs.

 Day 1: 
Breakfast :-  Sandwich, Sweet, Bisleri Mineral water.
Lunch :-  Basaumoti Rice, Murighanta Dal, Fry, Patal Chingri, Vetki Fish, Chatni, Papar, Salade, Sweet.
Evening :-  Tea , Coffee, Chicken Pokra,
Dinner :-  Fried Rice,Chili Chicken, Salad.

 Day 2: 
Early Morning :-  Bed Tea/Coffee Biscuits.
Breakfast :-  Poori Chana Masala, Boiled Egg, Tea.
Lunch :-  Basaumoti Rice, Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Prawn Malaikari, , Chatni, Papar, Salade, Sweet.
Evening :-  Tea / Coffee, Veg Pokra,
Dinner :-  Roti/ Rice, Vegetable, Chicken Curry, Salad.